Duke of Ghor

The Duke of Ghor

After a long interlude cutscene (and changing the disk for X360 players), you are back in Athlum Castle.

There is talk of the world needing new Remnants to renew hope.

You are free to continue the story now or to take some time completing new quest that have opened up.


Although you can do the following quests now, you may wish to skip to Fornstrand since after this short story section you will get your final party upgrade.

Quest icon The quests The Successor, The Desert's Legend, Love Will Rise Again, Infestation!, The Slave Traders, and The Assistant are now available.

Allan avatar After completing The Successor, Allan can be recruited at the Royotia Union of the Golden Chalice guild.

Paris avatar After completing Love Will Rise Again, Paris can be recruited at the Royotia Union of the Golden Chalice guild.

Fornstrand's RemnantEdit

The Seven 2

A large group of opponents appearing at Fornstrand.

Inside Fornstrand, make your way through the Starry Shore to Realm of the Sea Monster, which leads to The Cape of Delusion.

Rare Monster Warning: Beware of the rare monster, Seething Wind, in the middle of the first section, the Starry Shore.
He will always be perched high above you and can potentially ambush you if you are not paying attention.
Mrdiggs icon A Mr. Diggs Morsel is located in Fornstrand - Realm of the Sea Monster at location G-14, near the entrance.

Upon entering The Cape of Delusion, a short cutscene commences.

More QuestsEdit

After the Fornstrand events, several more quests open up.

Quest icon The quests The Silver Falcons: Part Three, The Fated One, Kate and Rhagoh, and Kosmosfest are now available.

Kate avatar After completing Kate and Rhagoh, Kate can be recruited at the Celapaleis Union of the Golden Chalice guild.

Sheryl avatar After completing Kosmosfest, Sheryl can be recruited at the Nagapur Union of the Golden Chalice guild.

Jager avatar After completing The Fated One, Jager can be recruited at the Athlum Ring of the Labyrinth guild. He is required for a quest later.

Another CongressEdit

When you wish to continue the story, head for Athlum's Palace for another cutscene.

After this, you can speak with David on his throne to learn there is now another Congress to be held in Elysion. Head to Elysion and enter the Assembly Plaza for a cutscene.

Now go back to the palace in Athlum for another cutscene.

Quest icon The quest The Tablet of Marshall is now available.

Optional RemnantsEdit

After you finish the quest The Tablet of Marshall you can use the Tablet of Marshall to get 5 other remnants scattered throughout the world. Each Remnant will become an item that one specific Unique Leader will request.

Continuing the StoryEdit

Leave the palace and talk to one of the Athlum Soldiers with a () talk bubble. Enter the palace again for yet another cutscene.

Irina will join the party and you now receive your final party upgrade.

Party upgrade PC: You can now have 5 Unions, 18 Units per battle, and 50 total Units.
X360: You can now have 5 Unions, 18 Units per battle, 6 Leaders per battle, 18 total Leaders, and 20 total Soldiers.

Zolean avatar After receiving the final party upgrade, Zolean can be recruited at the Balterossa Union of the Golden Chalice guild.

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