Weapon Recipe Used For Where to Find
1 Warrior's Broadsword Gaslin Caves
2 Cleric's Crook Ruins of Robelia Castle
3 Warrior's Sledgehammer Blackdale
4 Kris Blackdale
5 Warrior's Scepter Ruins of Robelia Castle, Siebenbur - The First Path
6 Combat Tomahawk Siebenbur - The First Path
7 Warrior's Halberd Siebenbur - The Final Fortress
8 Commander's Broadsword The Ivory Peaks
9 Predator Tusk Gaslin Caves
10 Flamberge Gaslin Caves
11 Warrior's Spear The Southwestern Road
12 Combat Greatstaff Mojcado Castle
13 Warrior's Rapier The Great Subterrane
14 Warrior's Grandaxe The Great Sand Sea
15 Samurai Katana Lavafender
16 Commander's Tabar-Zin Vale of the Gods
17 Longsword Siebenbur - The Final Fortress
18 Banded Mace Gaslin Caves
19 Zepar Princeps Gaslin Caves
20 Commander's Trident The Catacombs
21 Commander's Mace The Catacombs
22 Commander's Cudgel Numor Mine
23 Daimyo Otachi Bandit (The Catacombs)
24 Warrior's Hatchet Sudri
25 Glaive Heroic Ramparts
26 Javelin Heroic Ramparts
27 Sagaris Bellatoris Heroic Ramparts
28 Commander's Grandsword Berechevaltelle
29 Elite's Rod Crookfen
30 Highland Claymore The Catacombs
31 Elite's Striker The Catacombs
32 Daimyo Katana Mojcado Castle
33 Vare Mojcado Castle
34 Goldenaxe Darken Forest
35 Sagaris Heroicus Blackdale Second Entrance
36 Tuck Aveclyff 1
Aveclyff 2
37 Samurai Ji Siebenbur - The Fourth Path
38 Defender Bandit (Numor Mine)
39 Champion's Francisca Numor Mine
40 Cutlass Numor Mine
41 Demonblade Aqueducts
42 Champion's Pike Aqueducts
43 Champion's Lance Flaumello Tower
44 Phalanx Mace Flaumello Tower
45 Elite's Scimitar Yvalock's Nest
46 Champion's Sledgehammer Fornstrand
47 Superior Quarterstaff Ruins of Robelia Castle
48 Shogun Wakizashi Bandit (Ruins of Robelia Castle - Underground Tier)
49 Runeblade Aveclyff 1
Aveclyff 2
50 Chopper Siebenbur - The Second Path
51 Coral Lance Siebenbur - The Final Fortress
52 Seere Dominus Blackdale
53 Warlord's Tabar-Zin Siebenbur - The Sixth Path
54 Tataraichi Wyrmskeep
55 Tambo Bandit (Wyrmskeep)
56 Sage's Staff Darken Forest
57 Bluesteel Darken Forest
58 Warlord's Rapier Mt. Vackel
59 Demonblade Siebenbur - The Third Path
60 Smiter Quebradora
61 Warlord's Scepter Siebenbur - The Seventh Path
62 Masterblade The Sacred Lands
63 Warlord's Claymore Ymir
64 Lævateinn Holy Servant

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