Katana Logo   Warrior's Falchion
Warrior's Falchion
XBOX Stats
Attack 51 Mystic Attack 46
Defense 19 Mystic Defense 24
PC Stats
Attack 63 Mystic Attack 63
Defense 16 Mystic Defense 17
C.Offense 33% C.Defense 52%
Physical Evasion 5%
Type Katana
Size Small
Modifier Pierce
Effect [Winged Insecta] Attack +1
Special Notes Qsiti specific
Style Modifier Technique   (Nimble → Swift)
Sells For 570g
How to Obtain
Customize from a(n) Combat Falchion
If an upgrade listed does not appear to be available, you will need to improve your Customization Level.

Reinforced to the sixth order.

Disassembles for 285g
Vackel Iron x1 Equisetum x1 Sturdy Vine x2

Upgrades to Commander's Falchion for 21,890g
Royotian Steel x1 Royotian Alloy x1 Mystic Fiend Horn x3
Upgrades to Ondine's Wrath for 31,810g
Ondine's Pear x1 Grand Spider Scalp x3 Putrefactive Gas x2

  Basic Customization

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