Vorek's Armory is located in Celapaleis - Grants Way

New items will be added to the shop as you progress through the game.

New Trade Goods are added to the shop as you sell more captured monsters, different items require different Commerce Points


Item Price Availability
Sword Logo Rapier 800 -
Sword Logo Auld Rapier 390,000 After gaining access to the Seventh Path
Sword Logo Bastardsword 575 -
Katana Logo Crescentmoon 26,775 After the meeting event at Nagapur
Katana Logo Otachi 600 -
Axe Logo Tabar-Zin 625 -
Mace Logo Banded Mace 14,663 After entering The Catacombs
Mace Logo Sledgehammer 650 -
Mace Logo Auld Sledgehammer 409,500 After reached Undelwalt
Mace Logo Konbo 10,400 After the meeting event at Nagapur
Spear Logo Halberd 725 -
Spear Logo Auld Halberd 456,750 After reached Undelwalt
Shield Logo Aspis 800 -
Shield Logo Aspis Antiquitis 390,000 After gaining access to the Seventh Path


Item Price Availability
Necklace Logo Ophidian Choker 2,520 -
Bracelet Logo Rubber Cuff 31,450 After Koenigsdorf

Trade GoodsEdit

Item Price Availability
Staff Logo Cleric's Crook 3,670 Requires trade rank E in Equipment
Sword Logo Flamberge 5,278 Requires trade rank D in Equipment
Katana Logo Silvermoon 72,290 Requires trade rank S in Equipment

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