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1 === Athlum ===

Athlum is ruled by David Nassau with help from his four generals; Emma, Torgal, Pagus, and Blocter. On this page there are a list of quests that you can accept while in Althum along with all the shops and items that you can buy. You can also find out all the mercenaries that you can hire from the guild in Athlum. more...

2 === David Nassau ===
Lord david image

David Nassau is the Marquis of Athlum and runs it with a little help from his four generals; Emma, Torgal, Pagus, and Blocter. On this page you can find out the starting skills that David has when he joins your party. You can discover the items that he will request along the way and what weapons they will allow him to have. There is a list of accessories and weapons that he may request as well as quotes, a bit of background information and skills he may learn within your game. more...

3 === Rush Sykes ===
Rush small

Raised on Eulam Island, far from the power struggles for Remnants, Rush lives a peaceful life with his sister Irina. When she is taken away by a mysterious group of soldiers, he goes after her. Rush is an affectionate young man who wears his heart on his sleeve. Nothing is more important to him than family - and thus he is dedicated to taking care of his sister. more...



Torgal Artwork

Torgal is a sovani, a race known for it's incedible longevity. His four arms make him a powerful battlefield presence. The sovani race generally keeps to themselves, making it unusual that Torgal would work for Athlum-especially in such a prominent position. Somewhat detached (as befits one whose lifespan exceeds all the other Generals' plus David's ages combined), he is nonetheless a loyal servant of Athlum and is considered leader of the four generals.


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