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The Gates of Hell

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The Gates of Hell
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Category Boss
Chapter/Quest Time to Save Irina
Location The Aqueducts
Race (family) Idol
Battle Rank
   Base BR:
   From BR 45:
   From BR 50:

Hit Points

~ 107,000
Multi-Deadlock: Up to 3 Unions
Attack Effect Black Out
Cancel Black Out Ok Silence
Cancel Poison Ok Paralyze
Drops: [?] Splits: [?]

Magazine Drops:

  • none
  • Can't be captured.

Notes Edit

  • Accompanied by four Hypnos unions: two 2-unit unions and two 3-unit unions.
  • Uses either Blue Blazes or Hellfire at the beginning and end of a turn.
  • If a union dies, Pandemonium may be used to resurrect them and turn them against you (this causes the Enthralled status).
  • Having at least one unit with a high level Caustic Blast or other powerful area attack is strongly recommended.
  • Its moves are mystic, but silencing it won't prevent it from using them.

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