With the news of the Conqueror's approach to Celapaleis, Rush and crew must quickly head back to Athlum.


However, quite a few new quests have opened up, which you can do now or later.

Quest icon The quests The Cosmos Maiden, Emotions, Wisdom's Echo (unlocks Aveclyff), Darien, and The Disappearing Knights are now available.
Glenys avatar After completing Wisdom's Echo, Glenys can be recruited at the Nagapur Union of the Golden Chalice guild.
Darien avatar After completing Darien, Darien can be recruited at the Elysion Union of the Golden Chalice guild.

Back to AthlumEdit

You have to return to the Athlum Castle for another cutscene.

WarningSign The quest Bravery and Loyalty will permanently disappear after this cutscene once Emma leaves your party and before entering the Nest of Eagles! Finish it before she leaves the party!

Party upgrade PC: You can now have 5 Unions, 15 Units per battle, and 40 total Units
X360: You can now have 5 Unions, 15 Units per battle, 6 Leaders per battle, 15 total Leaders, and 18 total Soldiers.

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Next: Time to Save Irina

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