Starting Statistics XBOX
HP 311 AP 7/36
Parameters Main Hand
STR 30 ATK 53
INT 37 DEF 19
SPD 24 MYS 48
Resilience 26 M. DEF 24
Hiring Information
Class Adept Monk
Starting Weapon Warrior's Scimitar
Default Wield Style One-Handed
Starting Statistics PC
HP 297 AP 6/36
Parameters Main Hand
STR 39 ATK 64
INT 30 DEF 14
SPD 24 MYS 61
Resilience 26 M. DEF 16
Hiring Information
Class Adept Freelancer
Starting Weapon Warrior's Scimitar
Default Wield Style One-Handed
Starting Unit Rank Battle Rank 35
Other Information
Race Mitra
Emblem & Formation Attributes
Emblem    Army of Athlum
Army of athlum emblem
Cancel No Special
Ok Male
Ok Mitra
Ok Speed
Element Defense & Morale
Morale 60 Flame 20%
Slash 5% Thunder 10%
Bludgeon 20% Frost 10%
Maul 5% Lytic 5%
Pierce 10% Venom 5%

Singleton is available after entering the Aqueducts


Accessories UsedEdit

HP Related SPD Related

Weapon UpgradesEdit

BR41 - Commander's Scimitar

BR54 - Elite's Scimitar

BR74 - Champion's Scimitar

BR85 - Warlord's Scimitar

BR95 - Draconile Scimitar

BR110 - Divine Scimitar

Starting Statistics, Weapons and Arts - Please Note
As Battle Rank increases, starting weapons and arts will improve and starting statistics will increase slightly.

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