Each location usually has Primary, Secondary (possibly Tertiary as well) and Rare Monster groups, and the game will load up a sequence at random based on which sets are available (usually through story progression). Depending on the location's map, the following can happen:

  • one set of the Primary Regular monsters will spawn
  • a Secondary Regular will spawn or a Rare monster will spawn
  • one set of Primary Regular
  • a Secondary Regular
  • a Tertiary Regular or Rare
  • one set of Primary Regular monsters will spawn as there are no Secondary Regulars
  • one set of Primary Regulars
  • a Secondary Regular as there are no Rares left to spawn

There may be other patterns that haven't been observed. It's more likely that if there isn't a Secondary monster present that a Rare has spawned.

Note - Map does not mean location. Location = 1 or more maps.

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