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A captured Observer can be sold at a high price and the taste is indescribable.
Category Rare
Location The Ancient Ruins
Race (family) Oculus
Class Archfiend
Battle Rank
   Base BR:
   Bonus BR:
   Maximum BR:

Hit Points

~ 430,000

AP +977 / 7399 - +2866 / 26280

STR 64 - 73

INT 49 - 55

SPD 25 - 28

Captured Value

Multi-Deadlock: Up to 3 Unions
Attack Effect Burn
[Flame] Attack +5
Cancel Black Out Ok Silence
Cancel Poison Ok Paralyze
Ok Black Out (PC)
Drops: [?] Splits: [?]

Magazine Drops:


Related Guild Tasks:

Details Edit

Notes Edit

  • PC only: Can be captured to create the sword Faleria Heart.
  • Can teleport through closed doors so be careful when approaching one.
  • Recovers from ailments the next turn.
  • Respawns every time you reenter the dungeon.
  • Uses Overdrive at the beginning of every turn starting on the second, third or fourth turn (most commonly at the beginning of the third). Overdrive may be prevented by using Cachexia at the end of turn, either after it acts or from its flank.

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