Noble Abelisk
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A captured Noble Abelisk can be sold at a high price and is best used for gazpacho.
Category Regular
Race (family) Dragon
Class War Dragon
Hit Points

~ 100,000
~ 100,000
Captured Value

Multi-Deadlock: Up to 3 Unions
Attack Effect Instakill
Black Out
Cancel Black Out Ok Silence
Cancel Poison Ok Paralyze
Cancel Curse


Location/Quest Common (45%) Uncommon (30%) Rare (15%) Very Rare (3%)
The Great Sand Sea War Dragon Rawhide Captured Noble Abelisk Dragon Talon Faerie Herb
Heroic Ramparts War Dragon Rawhide Captured Noble Abelisk Dragon Talon Faerie Herb

Magazine Drops


War Dragon Talon (50%) Dragon Talon (50%) War Dragon Meat (40%) Abelisk Sternum (10%)


  • Deathly Fang
     Deathly Fang II (BR 58+), III (BR 71+)
  • Darkbreath
     Darkbreath II (BR 58+), III (BR 71+)
  • Blaster
     Blaster II (BR 51+), III (BR 66+)
  • Artsap
     Artsap II (BR 51+), III (BR 66+)
  • Desperate Wail
     Desperate Wail II (BR 84+), III (BR 99+)
  • Miracle
     Miracle II (BR 106+), III (BR 120+)

Related Guild Tasks

  • none

Notes Edit

  • Does not appear on the field, engage Abelisks.
  • Gets an additional attack (uses mostly Darkbreath) every two turns.
  • Recovers from ailments the next turn.

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