Morgo's Shop of Memories is located in Elysion - Hendler

New items will be added to the shop as you progress through the game.


Item Price Availability
Sword Logo Claymore 2,300 -
Sword Logo Auld Claymore 655,500 After entering the The Sacred Lands
Axe Logo Sagaris 2,500 -
Axe Logo Sagaris Antiquitis 712,500 After entering the The Sacred Lands
Spear Logo Trident 1,160 -
Spear Logo Auld Trident 565,500 After the 2nd visit to Undelwalt
Shield Logo Heatershield 2,400 -
Shield Logo Auld Heatershield 684,000 After entering the The Sacred Lands


Item Price Availability
Ring Logo Elysiette 2,700 -

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