The City of Melphina
Ruled By Olebeag
Remnant Blue Elf
Pub Name The Babbling Brook
# Quests 10
Locations Cobolt Plaza
Palace of Mephina

A scholarly town surrounded by trees and streams. An archaic knightly order exists side-by-side with some of the most forward-thinking scholars in the world.

This town is optional, you won't visit it in the main story! To gain access use the south exit of Crookfen.

Quests Edit

Disc 1Edit

Disc 2Edit

Places of InterestEdit

Cobalt Plaza

Equipment shop logo Nolno's Armory

Consumable shop logo Aunt Shino's Items

Component shop logo Silvia's Components

Mixed shop logo Nino's Mysteries

Customization shop logo Quinn's Workshop

Pub logo The Babbling Brook

Union of the golden chalice logo Union of the Golden Chalice

Guilds Edit

Union of the Golden Chalice Edit

Dialogues Edit

Warning: All Dialogues sections contain tons of spoilers.

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