Spear Logo   Malystrix
XBOX Stats
Attack 110 Mystic Attack 74
Defense 29 Mystic Defense 25
PC Stats
Attack 102 Mystic Attack 156
Defense 25 Mystic Defense 36
C.Offense 36% C.Defense 58%
Physical Evasion 8%
Type Spear
Size Large
Modifier Godly Pierce
Effect [Lytic] Attack +5
Added Effect [Acid Burn]
[Demon] Bonus +30%
Special Notes Mitra specific
No selling
No disassembly
Style Modifier Technique   (Nimble → Swift)
How to Obtain
Find in treasure in The Ancient Ruins
If an upgrade listed does not appear to be available, you will need to improve your Customization Level.

A spear-like Remnant, fearsome and unyielding as a dragon's roar.

Upgrades to Malystrix Artis for 400,000g
Jewel Steel x 2 Azhdaha Patagium x 6 Reya's Note x 1

  Advanced Customization


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