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Ludope avatar
A member of the Seven, Ludope was a military leader who lost his entire troop in battle. His hatred for everything comes from the pain he holds inside.
Starting Statistics PC
HP 728 AP 20/163
Parameters Main Hand
STR 78 ATK 100
INT 117 DEF 15
SPD 29 MYS 148
Rancor 108 M. DEF 59
Equipment & Class
Class Legendary Thaumaturge
Weapon Dvergr
Accessory 1 None
Accessory 2 None
Unique Accessory Heart of Loyalty
Default Wield Style Power Grip
Starting Unit BR 95
Other Information
Race & Union Name
Union Name Ludope's Sect
Race Qsiti
Japanese Voice Shinya Fukumatsu
English Voice Michael McConnohie
Guild & Hiring
Home Guild Union of the Golden Chalice
Hire From Melphina
Rehire Delay 7 Battles + 77 minutes
Wage Unknown (XBOX) / 188,160g (PC)
Emblem & Formation Attributes
Emblem    The Seven
The seven emblem Ok The Seven
Ok Special
Ok Male
Ok Qsiti
Ok Physical
Ok Mystic
Ok Speed
Ok Recovery
Element Defense & Morale
Morale 39 Flame 5%
Slash 20% Thunder 10%
Bludgeon 10% Frost 20%
Maul 5% Lytic 10%
Pierce 5% Venom 5%


Complete Union of the Golden Chalice Task 70 and the quest A Voice from the Past.

Arts/Skills PC

Weapon Upgrades PC

Balance Combat Mystic
Dvergr Artis Dvergr Artis Dvergr Artis
Dvergr Virtutis Dvergr Virtutis Dvergr Virtutis


Balance Physical [?] Mystic
Slot 1 Amulets (AP Increase) Belts (STR Increase) Rings (INT Increase)
Slot 2 Bracelets (HP Increase) Earrings ([Physical] Resist) Necklaces ([Mystic] Resist)

Background Edit

Known as The White Qsiti during A Voice from the Past, he sends Rush to retrieve the Forbidden Tome. After defeating the quest's boss, Souleater, the player learns from past qsiti subordinates (called The White Qsiti's Former Aide) about the past of Ludope as Captain in an army. As his whole division (the Second Brigade of Melphina) was killed, his mind suffered a heavy blow, and his dreams were tormented by voices from the past, hardening his once kind personality. The Aide hints that Ludope figured he'd be able to bring them back to life with the tome (which is later confirmed), but the book was only dust at that point, as it had been hundreds of years. The Aide hands the Picture of the Second Brigade to Rush, and tells him to speak to their captain, tell him to have no regrets, as they themselves didn't, and passed on to Elysion. Ludope refuses the picture, giving it to Rush instead of taking it.

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