For any other Lob Omen, see Lob Omen.
Lob Omen (Quest)
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Lob Omen
Category Boss
Chapter/Quest UFO!?
Location Wyrmskeep
Race (family) Remnant Monster
Class Remnant
Battle Rank
   Base BR:
   From BR 82/80:
   From BR 90/88:

79-81 (then 77-79)
89-92 (then 87-90)
97-102 (then 95-100)
Hit Points

~ 250,000
293,911-428,340 (then 227,710-286,229)
Multi-Deadlock: Up to 3 Unions
Attack Effect None
Cancel Black Out Ok Silence
Cancel Poison Ok Paralyze
Drops: [?] Splits: [?]

Magazine Drops:

  • none
  • Can't be captured.

Notes Edit

  • You will fight it multiple times, first as a boss battle when entering Wyrmskeep and afterwards hidden among the regular enemies (~200,000 with regular monsters).
  • Uses Shadowfall and Schandmantel only in the first boss battle.
  • After the first battle, uses Mystic Mine on turn one if not deadlocked.
  • Will attack regular monsters if not deadlocked immediately.

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