This is a list of equipment with [Growth Boost] effect.

Name Type Growth Boost Effect Obtained Wanted by
Dwarf's Gratitude Accessories Combat Arts +1 Create at a workshop N/A
Flâchonelle Accessories Combat Arts +1 Use the Tablet in the Ruins of Robelia Castle Nora
Shield of the Vanquisher Shield Combat Arts +1 Customize from a Warlord's Towershield N/A
Wonder Bangle Accessories Combat Arts STR Mod +1
Combat Arts SPD Mod -1
Dropped by Milton Blocter
Guardian Shield Shield Equipment +1 Customize from a Commander's Towershield N/A
Leanan Sidhe's Devotion Accessories Equipment +1 Create at a workshop N/A
Heartache Accessories Equipment +1 Dropped by Ludope Pagus
Banshee's Requiem Accessories Item Arts +1 Create at a workshop N/A
Liafort Accessories Item Arts +1 Use the Tablet in The Ivory Peaks Violet
Dead Heart Accessories Item Skills +1 Find in Darken Forest Irina
Elf's Escape Accessories Mystic Arts +1 Create at a workshop N/A
Imperator's Shield Shield Mystic Arts +1 Buy in Undelwalt from Truler's Vintage Item Shop for 113,400g (XBOX)

Buy in Undelwalt from Lucros's Armory for 113,400g (PC)

Kate, Gabriel
Blood Chalice Accessories Mystic Skills +1 Treasure in Numor Mine Khrynia
Rubber Soul Accessories Weapon Type Skills +1 Use the Tablet in Dillmoor Glenys
Simarrionne Accessories Mystic Arts +1
Wield Style Skills +1
Treasure in Blackdale Sheryl
Doom Chain Accessories All Skills +1 Create at a workshop N/A
Carnage Chain Accessories All Arts +1 Create at a workshop N/A
Ragna-rock Accessories All Arts +2
All Skills +2
Equipment +2
Create at a workshop N/A

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