Grand Rockgrater
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A captured Grand Rockgrater can be sold at a high price and is best used for Rockgrater roast.
Category Regular
Race (family) Chimera
Class Mystic Fiend
Hit Points

~ 21,000
~ 21,000
Captured Value

Multi-Deadlock: No
Attack Effect Poison
[Venom] Attack +5
Ok Black Out Ok Silence
Ok Poison Ok Paralyze
Ok Curse


Location/Quest Common (45%) Uncommon (30%) Rare (15%) Very Rare (3%)
Numor Mine Chimera Scale Large Horn Captured Rockgrater Fresh Oil
Flaumello Tower Thick Beast Hide Large Chimera Scale Restobulb Rockgrater Tail
Yvalock's Nest Thick Beast Hide Large Chimera Scale Restobulb Rockgrater Tail
The Ancient Ruins Apex Tier Mystic Fiend Horn Captured Grand Rockgrater Pangu's Bone Meller Crystal
The Ancient Ruins Grammi Tier World Tree Timber Captured Grand Rockgrater Pangu's Bone Curebulb

Magazine Drops


Iron Husk (40%) Black Oil (5%) Grand Rockgrater Tail (10%) Ancient Carapace (20%)


  • Skewer II (from BR 20)
     Skewer III (BR 34+)
  • Screech (from BR 43)
     Screech II (BR 58+), III (BR 71+)
  • Laserbreath (from BR 20)
     Laserbreath II (BR 31+), III (BR 45+)
  • Fusionbreath (from BR 59)
     Fusionbreath II (BR 66+), III (BR 86+)
  • Bone (from BR 10)
     Bone II (BR 25+), III (BR 39+)
  • Blaster (from BR 37)
     Blaster II (BR 51+), III (BR 66+)
  • Attack Crusher (from BR 43)
     Attack Crusher II (BR 59+), III (BR 73+)

Related Guild Tasks

  • none

Notes Edit

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