Sword Logo   Faleria Heart
PC Stats
Attack 1 Mystic Attack 1
Defense 1 Mystic Defense 1
C.Offense 34% C.Defense 53%
Physical Evasion 99%
Type Sword
Size Large
Modifier Godly Slash
Effect Instakill (100% chance)
Unburdens +5
Special Notes No selling
No disassemble
Style Modifier
How to Obtain
Create at a workshop
If an upgrade listed does not appear to be available, you will need to improve your Customization Level.

A replica of Athlum's Remnant, the Valeria Heart. It is in high demand.

Create for 1,120g
Twilight of the Gods x1 Captured Observer x5 Blueprint 3 x99

Unlocked by acquiring every component (requires Captured Observer in inventory to appear).

How to obtainEdit

  • Twilight of the Gods is only dropped by The Fallen in PC version. Use caution while crafting as there is only one available in a single playthrough.
  • Blueprint 3s are obtained from the Ring of the Labyrinth Guild Tasks. There aren't enough obtained in one playthrough, so at least one other will be required to get the 99 needed.


Le Coeur Raillant Faleria Heart02:00

Le Coeur Raillant Faleria Heart

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