Evil Eye
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Evil Eye
A captured Evil Eye can be sold at a high price and is best used for loco moco.
Category Regular
Race (family) Oculus
Class Archfiend
Hit Points

~ 23,000
~ 28,000
Captured Value

Multi-Deadlock: Up to 3 Unions
Attack Effect Poison
[Venom Attack] +5
Cancel Black Out Ok Silence
Cancel Poison Ok Paralyze
Cancel Curse Ok Black Out (PC)


Location/Quest Common (45%) Uncommon (30%) Rare (15%) Very Rare (3%)
Lavafender Archfiend Rawhide Captured Evil Eye Oculus Bristle Cureroot
The Ivory Peaks Oculus Bristle Captured Evil Eye Oculus Tissue Restobulb
The Southwestern Road Oculus Bristle Captured Evil Eye Oculus Tissue Restobulb
Crookfen Oculus Bristle Captured Evil Eye Oculus Tissue Restobulb

Magazine Drops


Archfiend Bone (40%) Oculus Bristle (40%) Evil Eye Cornea (5%) Elven Core (5%)


  • X-Ray Vision
     X-Ray Vision II (BR 66+), III (BR 86+)
  • Discharge
     Discharge II (BR 58+), III (BR 71+)
  • Switch
     Switch II (BR 84+), III (BR 99+)
  • Spark (from BR 1)
     Spark II (BR 9+), III (BR 16+), IV (BR 23+), V (BR 30+)
  • Wind Shear (from BR 17)
     Wind Shear II (BR 24+), III (BR 31+), IV (BR 38+), V (BR 45+)
  • Double Time (from BR 17)
     Double Time II (BR 24+), III (BR 31+), IV (BR 38+), V (BR 45+)
  • Caustic Blast (from BR 43)
     Caustic Blast II (BR 50+), III (BR 58+), IV (BR 65+), V (BR 71+)
  • Permafrost (from BR 59)
     Permafrost II (BR 66+), III (BR 72+), IV (BR 79+), V (BR 86+)
  • Mystic Missile (from BR 10)
     Mystic Missile II (BR 18+), III (BR 25+), IV (BR 32+), V (BR 39+)
  • Flash Arrow (from BR 22)
     Flash Arrow II (BR 29+), III (BR 36+), IV (BR 43+), V (BR 50+)
  • Silencer (from BR 37)
     Silencer II (BR 44+), III (BR 51+), IV (BR 58+), V (BR 66+)
  • Eclipse (from BR 32)
     Eclipse II (BR 39+), III (BR 46+), IV (BR 53+), V (BR 61+)
  • Snare Shot (from BR 47)
     Snare Shot II (BR 54+), III (BR 62+), IV (BR 69+), V (BR 75+)

Related Guild Tasks

  • none

Notes Edit

  • Union of the Golden Chalice (The Collector, Task 31) - Obtain a Elven Core (After entering Elysion).
  • Can use a special field status effect: Paralyze. You will not be able to move or trigger battle allowing the Evil Eye to attack first.

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