Spear Logo   Draconile Pike
Draconile Pike
XBOX Stats
Attack 92 Mystic Attack 67
Defense 34 Mystic Defense 19
PC Stats
Attack 112 Mystic Attack 82
Defense 44 Mystic Defense 34
C.Offense 23% C.Defense 36%
Physical Evasion 17%
Type Spear
Size Small
Modifier Mighty Pierce
Effect [Physical] Extra Hit +3
Special Notes Qsiti specific
Style Modifier Power   (Mighty → Peerless)
Sells For 12,600g
How to Obtain
Customize from a(n) Warlord's Pike
If an upgrade listed does not appear to be available, you will need to improve your Customization Level.

Endowed with magnificent dragon-ore.

Disassembles for 6,300g
Dragonicle Ore x1 Necrotic Metal x1 Ruby Crystal x2

Upgrades to Damascene Pike for 474,240g
Damascus Ore x1 Striped Crab Shell x4 Vulture Underbelly Fur x8

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