Axe Logo   Djinslayer
XBOX Stats
Attack 108 Mystic Attack 85
Defense 43 Mystic Defense 43
PC Stats
Attack 69 Mystic Attack 128
Defense 18 Mystic Defense 36
C.Offense 28% C.Defense 44%
Physical Evasion 10%
Type Axe
Size Large
Modifier Mighty Slash
Effect [Venom] Attack +4
Added Effect [Poison]
[Demon] Bonus
Special Notes No upgrade
Style Modifier Power   (Mighty → Peerless)
Sells For 11,422g
How to Obtain
Create at a workshop
Buy in Undelwalt from Lucros's Armory for 228,438g
If an upgrade listed does not appear to be available, you will need to improve your Customization Level.

Master long axe, ever the bane of demonkind.

Disassembles for 5,711g
Divine Metal x1 Primordial Alloy x1 Emerald Crystal x2

Create for 137,060g
Nether Splinter x1 Divine Metal x1 -

Unlocked by acquiring the Nether Splinter (permanent).