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A captured Diatryma can be sold at a high price and is best used for laap.
Category Regular
Race (family) Wyvern
Class Sky Dragon
Captured Value

Multi-Deadlock: Up to 2 Unions
Attack Effect Burn
[Flame] Attack +5
Cancel Black Out Ok Silence
Cancel Poison Ok Paralyze
Ok Curse


Location/Quest Common (45%) Uncommon (30%) Rare (15%) Very Rare (3%)
Crookfen Sky Dragon Bone Captured Diatryma Necrodragon Bone Faerie Herb
Mt. Vackel Sky Dragon Bone Captured Diatryma Dragon Scale Large Talon
The Ancient Ruins Apex Tier Sky Dragon Bone Captured Diatryma Faerie Herb Damascus Ore
The Ancient Ruins Grammi Tier World Tree Timber Djin's Coin Jewel Steel Captured Diatryma

Magazine Drops


Wyvern Bone (10%) Sky Dragon Wing (30%) Sky Dragon Meat (30%) Diatryma Skull (5%)


  • Whirlwind (from BR 59)
     Whirlwind II (BR 66+), III (BR 86+)
  • Whitebreath (from BR 59)
     Whitebreath II (BR 66+), III (BR 86+)
  • Surefire (from BR 17)
     Surefire II (BR 31+), III (BR 45+)
  • Permafrost (from BR 37)
     Permafrost II (BR 44+), III (BR 52+), IV (BR 59+), V (BR 65+)

Related Guild Tasks

Notes Edit

  • Ancient Ruins locations - P9, E9 of Apex Tier, L9 of Grammi Tier (additional locations so far unknown)
  • Can appear on Mt. Vackel - F15 (if Tsenahale is not present) and N2

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