If you would like to be reached via Xbox Live Chat then please list your site name and gamer tag below :)

  • Community name: Gov - Gamertag: Gov FF
  • Community name: remnantfan360 - Gamertag: X360 K41T0
  • Community name: Gunbladez- Gamertag: Gunbladez
  • Community name: Canadian Nirrti - Gamertag: Nirrti
  • Community name: Zeno dnb - Gamertag: Zeno DnB
  • Community name: Spell Blade - Gamertag: Mishaela
  • Community name: DJConnelly - Gamertag: DJConnelly
  • Community name: Steagles209 - Gamertag: Steagles209
  • Community name: Silverlink3 - Gamertag: RemyLebeau3

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