Axe Logo   Champion's Grandaxe
Champion's Grandaxe
XBOX Stats
Attack 82 Mystic Attack 71
Defense 31 Mystic Defense 31
PC Stats
Attack 100 Mystic Attack 63
Defense 25 Mystic Defense 17
C.Offense 26% C.Defense 42%
Physical Evasion 8%
Type Axe
Size Huge
Modifier Mighty Maul
Effect [Darkfiend] Attack +4
Special Notes Yama specific
Style Modifier Power   (Mighty → Peerless)
Sells For 6,860g
How to Obtain
Customize from a(n) Elite's Grandaxe
If an upgrade listed does not appear to be available, you will need to improve your Customization Level.

Reinforced to the third order.

Disassembles for 3,430g
Platinum Ore x1 Mule Hide Cloth x1 Snowy Crystal x1

Upgrades to Warlord's Grandaxe for 127,010g
Mystic Skelenyte x1 Demon Bone x3 Iron Husk x3
Upgrades to Smiter for 42,340g
Necrotic Metal x1 Giant Shellfly Scalp x2 Oculus Membrane x1

  Basic Customization

Upgrades to Smiter for 35,280g
Weapon Recipe 60 x1 Necrotic Metal x1 Rough Knocker Stone x1

  Unlocked by acquiring the Weapon Recipe 60 (permanent).

Upgrades to Dwarf's Grudge for 109,370g
Dwarf's Cabochon x1 Poison Deathclaw Talon x2 Medicinal Mandragora Seedling x2

  Basic Customization

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