Base 4 is one of the six battlefields you'll need to win in order to gain access to Koenigsdorf. This specific base employs the twins Hinnah and Hannah. You've met them during the quest Blooming Flower, Singing Bird.

To get to them you have to defeat the foot soldiers first. The fight starts with

  • 1 Support Squad,
  • 1 Escort Squad,
  • 1 Commandos union and
  • 4 Stormtroopers.

Reinforcements will appear when you take out some of them,

  • 1 Commandos union on one bridge,
  • 2 Stormtroopers and
  • 1 Magus Squad on the other.

The bridges will be lowered once all of them are finished giving you access to more enemies:

  • 3 Stormtroopers
  • 3 Magus Squads

Waste them to lure out the "mini boss"

  • 1 Tactics Squad.

He is accompanied by

  • 1 Stormtroopers and
  • 2 Support Squads.

You also receive a reward here of (depending on the number of enemies defeated):

Defeat the mini boss for a scene and finally the fight against Hinnah, the Griefbringer and Hannah, the Merciless. They are accompanied by four soldier unions and have a special attack together - "Twin Snowpetal", which has a battlefield AOE and the Frozen effect. They will use this art on the first Turn and every third Turn after that. Their regular attacks are fairly weak. Hannah will use Second Chance to heal Hinnah (up to three times). The survivor will use Overdrive when one of them dies. Hinnah can also cast Total Domination (Enthrall) on you when Hannah dies. Note that the Conqueror Army: Twin Division (union F, Magus type) can sometimes use Blackout.

Your reward for taking this base is:

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