Base 2 is one of the six battlefields you'll need to win in order to gain access to Koenigsdorf. This specific base employs the Yama Zuido. You know him from the quest Slumber of the Lost Fragment.

To get to him you have to defeat the foot soldiers first.

First WaveEdit

  • Two Escort Squads,
  • Four Stormtroopers,
  • One Commando.

Once you've defeated them, reinforcements will arrive.

Second WaveEdit

  • Two Stormtroopers
  • Two Special Teams.
  • Two additional Special Teams will appear in the second turn.

Mini BossEdit

  • A Tactics Squad - will appear once you take out at least two unions from the second wave.

Finish the mini boss for a cutscene and the following reward (depending on the number of enemies defeated):


You're up against Zuido, the Fleshrender. Initially, you'll also face:

  • Five Conqueror Army: Zuido Division unions.


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