The City of Balterossa
Ruled By Bertrude
Remnant Tao Tie
Pub Name Cafe Moondust
# Quests 14
Locations Merchant's Lot
Balterossa Castle
Spirale Market
Mojcado Castle

One of the three great leading towns of the worldwide economy, it is also called the Great Sand Sea Gate, as it controls all trade through the Great Sand Sea.

This town is missable. You gain access via reaching the second exit of The Southwestern Road or via quests, i.e. The Secret Letter and The Trade Route.

Quests Edit

Disc 1 Edit

Disk 2 Edit

Places of InterestEdit

Merchant's Lot Spirale Market

Mixed shop logo Najure's Worldly Wares

Pub logo Cafe Moondust

Union of the golden chalice logo Union of the Golden Chalice

Equipment shop logo Beru's Fine Armory

Consumable shop logo Solune's Items

Component shop logo Rigo's Shop of Prosperity

Customization shop logo Yuree's Workshop

Guilds Edit

Union of the Golden Chalice Edit


Warning: All Dialogues sections contain tons of spoilers.

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