The Lord's Manor - A simple but practical manor, the administrators of Baaluk use this building to conduct their business.

First time entering the city:

  • Qsiti Adviser: "Baaluk is currently without a lord. The two sons of the previous lord do nothing but argue over who is more fit for the position... The closest we've got to a ruler is Wyngale. (Isn't that thought kinda creepy?) He's protected this town for a long time. But without a lord, who knows when there might be a Collapse?"
  • Younger Lord Candidate: "I-I'm going to be next ruler of Baaluk... I hope! My older brother is too hot-headed... I-I don't want to leave the Brimuslabus to him!"
  • Elder Lord Candidate: "The next leader of Baaluk is gonna be me! My little brother's such an idiot he tried milking bulls! Like I'm gonna leave Baaluk to him!"

Note: there are two options for the further dialogues, depending on which quests were or were not completed during first disc gameplay.

Option one:

After completing the quest Frustrations:

  • Qsiti Adviser: "The Brimuslabus is gone... I pray that things will change for the better."
  • Younger Lord Candidate: "I can hardly believe this is happening..."
  • Elder Lord Candidate: "The next leader of Baaluk is gonna be me! But so long as the Brimuslabus's gone, I gotta figure something out to take care of this fix we're in..."

At the beginning of the second disc:

  • Qsiti Adviser: "It's hard to believe it's come to this... But I was born and raised in this town. Reckon I'll stay with it to the end. It's like all the stories said... The Brimuslabus was the guardian angel to us all..."

After completing the quest The Fallen:

  • Qsiti Adviser: "There is no way we can ever fully thank Wyngale for what he's done. The Brimuslabus may be gone, but there's still a future for this town... it's one we're all wiling to work together to make."
  • Younger Lord Candidate: "I can't tell you how many nights I spent with my brother, trying to figure out how to save the town... And that's when I realized just how much he cares about Baaluk, and what he'd sacrifice for it... From now on, we're gonna think of how we can help out the village - together."
  • Elder Lord Candidate: "I figure I was acting like a kid before. Wyngale saved the town and gave us a second chance... I'm gonna cooperate with my little bro from now on."

Option two:

In this case the dialogues are the same as first time entering the city.

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