At the beginning of the story:

  • Worn Armor Wearer: "What's wrong, Junior, you lost? This is a guild, a place for veteran adventurers to gather. It's no place for fresh-faced kids who barely know how to hold a blade. Run on home and play stickball or something."
  • Glaring Mercenary: "What's this? Don't tell me a kid like you's trying to take on some guild tasks! You're greener than a seasick piece of broccoli! Gahahah, impossible, you'd never make it! These aren't for kiddies who're gonna get beat up by monsters and go home crying to mommy! Save yourself the trip and go home now."
  • Guild Officer: "This is a guild. Sorry, the person in charge isn't here right now. Try back later."

After finishing Dillmoor main quest:

  • Worn Armor Wearer: "If you're looking for something to do, then the guild's the right place to be. And I'm not talking charity work. You can get a nice reward by picking up the right task. Well, it's not like they aren't getting anything out if it."
  • Glaring Mercenary: "Guild tasks? There're all types... from simple stuff to really hairy jobs. Ehh, if you've got time, then take a look, maybe take one or two, then you'll see."

After gaining access to Ring of the Labyrinth guild:

  • Glaring Mercenary: "Hey, kid, have you heard? Some guys who're the tippy-top rank of warriors've started up their own little guild. They say there's a secret passageway in through the back of Warrior's Honor or something..."

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