Amoeba Fang
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Type: Components
Sub Type: Breed Component
Category: Monster Component
Cost: Not for sale
Sells For: 20g
Magazine: None required for drops

A fang from an amoeba. A breed component.

Drops [?] Split [?] Harvest [?]
          • None
          • None

          Treasure Disassemble Quest Rewards
          • None
          • None
          • None

          Item Uses Edit

          1. Will be requested by the soldiers: Brad, Cain, Dias, Giland, Haralla, Indie, Iris, Ironsaid, Kayeth, Nomius, and Pitanne.
          2. Will be requested by the leaders: Megeleus and Violet.


          1. Used to upgrade the staff, Battle Ji, to a Ronin Ji.
          2. Used to upgrade the staff, Warrior's Scepter, to a Commander's Scepter
          3. Used by Megeleus to create the staff, Melphinan

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