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Change to The Seven recruitment process?

I tried to look into this via wiki, gamefaqs and google but cant seem to find any info on subject.
I first played The Last remnant solid 8 years ago so might be me mixin up some facts but here is whats makin me scratch my head in intense thinking:
Im 99.9% sure I didnt beat Enlighten Seven back in the day (I didnt even beat Fallen)
You can say I was playing reverse of low br, I linked everything in sight, fighting trash mobs and I ended up like BR 120ish with little to no stats on team.
That said I remember using Hinnah and Hannah in my team (I recall using Seduction). Was there in past any way to recruit The Seven without guild task?
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Power gripping one-handed weapons: strictly inferior?

For role play reason I prefer to have Rush power gripping a longsword (1-handed weapon) instead of a two-handed sword. However, the more I read the wikia, the more I realize that power gripping a 1-handed weapon is strictly inferior to all other combinations:
1. Dual wield --- Addition of a second weapon
2. One-handed grip --- Addition of a shield
3. Power grip + 2-handed weapon --- Better stats from a 2-handed weapon
Plus, no weapon art is available to power gripped 1-handed weapons.

Is my conclusion correct? Is there other aspect that I have overlooked?
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Yellowcap Soldier (Heroic Ramparts)

The Yellowcap Venguard is linked to the note, that a certain amount of jhana battles have to be encountered before he spawns. I really have difficulties to get the Yellowcap Soldier to spawn in the heroic ramparts. Is it possible that there is such a restriction too? I'm doing a low BR run and on the other maps so far the circulation between rares was fair, but the soldier didn't show up even after around fitting 100 tries. It was always the Jamara who spawned. All other rares on that map were captured already.
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Base remnants not dropping after battle.

Hi. I've been doing pretty well against the 6 bases and I've cleared 4 of them. I'd just done the 4th and I noticed that I didn't get the Remnant from the twins and as it turns out, I didn't get the Obsidian sword either. Is there something I did wrong? Is there away to get the two that I missed?
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Is there a save game editor for the last remnant? I would really like to just add items at the start and fuck shit up lol

Just wondering, I would really like to just add items at the start and fuck shit up lol
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pendulum formation not obtained from task 47 union of the golden chalice. pc-version.

pendulum formation not abtained from task 47 union of the golden chalice. pc-version. I really wanted to use it to defeat the enlightened seven, perhaps the wikia is wrong or its a bug. the requirements is also different from whats in the wikia, which is obtain 3 archfiend wings, I got the task completed for obtaining 3 divine metal instead on pc
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