The Last Remnant

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Talk pages?

Where all "talk" tabs dissappeared? There was a lot usefull info in talk section of rares weapons and etc and now i see no tab for access to them? Was they just like - deleted forewer? If that so - it is kinda big loss of info.
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Do u need some story supplement?

Thanks for maintain these pages, helps me so much.
BTW, I have some creator's interviews discrived in Japanese,
and can transerate it, if you dont have and want it.
for example, Kawazu said ”Roeas is Yu Mei-ren in ancient China” on twitter.
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Expand the Wiki with more INFORMATIONAL pages

So, one thing that's bugged me for a while about the wiki is the lack of descriptive informational pages for A LOT of the topics. For example, let's say I pull up a page about a piece of equipment. Most game wikis, clicking on, say, the Size category of the weapon, would take you to a page describing the different weapon categories and how they're used. In this wiki, it just takes you to an index of all weapons of that category. Same with races. Do a search for Yama, you get directed to a page with an index of all Yama characters, rather than a description of the race and additional information.
If nobody's opposed, I'd like to start work on some informational pages. Of course, the indexes will still stay, just think it would be better to list them AS an index, and link them from the informational pages.
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why it's not possible to turn Brimuslabus to talisman?

i mean conqueror turned Valeria Heart to one so why game designers didn't allowed it. it would have been one stone and two birds. we could have a nice talisman and fallen togethr.
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Can anyone extract all in-battle voices from the game?

To put it bluntly - I'm looking for someone well skilled in UDK (as game files bears extension of UPK files and known to be easy operated with UDK... but apparently not in my hands) or any other programs/ways of extracting sound out of file packages.
Before leaving this request here I myself tried all paths of extracting sounds google suggested including oggextract and aforementioned Unreal Developer Kit but to no avail. Too dump for it I'm afraid.
To clarify - I'm interested in quotes and phrases Unique Leaders happen to drop during battles and I can ensure you that those won't be distributed elsewhere and for personal usage only.
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TLR - Plot Analysis

Anyone care to start writing the Plot Analysis for this game? I'm far away for being a good Writer, and pretty sucks at my English, so can't be helped. Looking forward to it, maybe I can contribute a bit into it later, thanks..
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